SDG Disrupter Summit Held In Bermuda

Bermuda Tech Week recently started off with an event that “weaved together a blend of sport, innovation, creativity and community.”

A spokesperson said, “After a three year hiatus of in-person meetings, Bermuda Tech Week started off at an unlikely location that exemplified a shift towards community, culture, and social impact. It was fitting that the event weaved together a blend of sport, innovation, creativity and community, as reflected by the background and vision of event organizer and former Bermuda National Team player Kevin Richards.”

Mr. Richards said, “Our objective for the event was to have meaningful discussions with local leaders in the public and private sector. We leverage the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [UN SDGs] as a common language that leaders can use to galvanize our community and align around common objectives.
“Once alignment is achieved, we can introduce disruptive technologies and economic models that allow us to build a circular economy rooted in regenerative finance that is tailored to Bermuda’s strengths and builds on decades of established innovations and culture in our society.”

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The spokesperson said, “Hosted by the Bermuda Football Association, the 40-person thought leadership roundtable focused on the concept of establishing a network of small-scale vertical farms at local football clubs in Bermuda to go beyond football. This initiative aims to have a positive impact on local communities across the island by deploying innovative solutions directly into our communities.

“Local club Presidents were joined by representatives of the Bermuda Government, including Vance Campbell, Minister of Tourism and Cabinet, Dr. Ernest Peets, Former Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, and Drew Pettit, Director of the Environment and Natural Resources. This robust discussion was enhancedby international guests from the US, Europe and Canada
who brought global insights and expertise to the discussion.

“The event started with a warm welcome from the BFA, as well as a virtual surprise welcome from international football legend Clarence Seedorf. Mr. Seedorf, representing the Black Impact Foundation, congratulated Bermuda for convening such an influential group, taking the initiative to leverage sport to drive innovation and build a healthy, sustainable future for our community.

“It proved to be an amazing opportunity to engage a group of leaders who are integrated into grassroots initiatives across Bermuda, bringing diverse insights and perspectives on how we can leverage sport to deliver innovative solutions to our community to combat food insecurity, rising healthcare costs and reduce antisocial behavior amongst our youth.