Impact Fund


The Island SDG Impact Fund will power a Bermuda-based venture studio, to support and scale portfolio ventures.
Our mission is to save the world’s oceans by developing sustainable ventures for our planet’s blue economy.
Bermuda is unique for a venture studio because of geo, political and business opportunities:

  • Geography: immediate proximity to deep ocean off Bermuda’s continental shelf, 90 minute flight to multiple US cities
  • Government:strong governmental support for the oceantech sector to to drive growth in Bermuda
  • Business Friendly: local service providers support business growth locally and enable businesses to scale globally from Bermuda


Kevin Richards


Mr. Kevin Richards is a dynamic leader with a passion for sustainability, mobility and fintech. With over 15 years of experience in financial services, he brings a wealth of international experience to companies looking to scale their businesses globally. Mr. Richards currently serves as the Managing Director of Bermuda Asset Management (BAM), where he is focused on investment advisory and building circular economy ecosystems built on a renewable energy foundation. He is also the Founder of BAM Tech Advisors, providing advisory and non-executive directorship

Sol Girouard

Chief Investment Officer

Sol is the CEO and founder of Data Innovation Labs, a full-service Data Science, and Decision Intelligence consulting group deploying 4IR technologies and implementing digital transformation across business verticals. Sol was the Chief Economist and Head of Fundamental and Quantitative Research at Trevinci Capital Partners—liquid Ag Hedge Fund, and she was the Managing Partner and Head Quant for Oracle Management—a proprietary global macro trading firm.

Theodore Waz

Chief Financial Officer

Theodore Waz (Ted) is a Partner at Titan Global Group and his ability to identify and deliver opportunities across industries and geographies enables transformative & economically sustainable dealmaking & venture identification. Ted serves as a Council Member to the IWF (CH) and leads a Portfolio including Government, Finance, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Aerospace & Defense, Sports Management, Healthcare and Cybersecurity Interests. Ted is Vice President of the Board of Directors, World Smart Cities Economic Development Commission and is a G20 affiliated Global Partner for Financial Inclusion (GPFI).

Rand Neveloff

General Counsel & Chief Scientist

Dr. Rand Neveloff, MA, MA, JD, MBA, PhD, is an Environmental Scientist, Mathematician, Seasoned Developer, Investment Banker and Attorney who has specialized in International project development, finance and consulting for past 35+ years.  An ex-executive at the IMF and World Bank, with a specialization in “nation building” in conjunction with large scale infrastructure developments and trade, particularly in the Emerging Markets. 

Greg Geehan

Chief Operating Officer

With a background in building and leading implementation, product consulting and operations teams, Greg also has extensive experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, using the power of the network to launch, grow and connect investments to promising companies. He has over twenty years of business-to-business relationship management at the corporate level, operations leadership and product consulting in HealthTech and technology start-ups from other industries.

Mark Roth

Chief Innovation Officer

Mark Roth’s deep experience in founding and funding technology companies will provide significant insight as we originate, invest and scale high potential opportunities. As an experienced entrepreneur, he has over 25 year’s experience in the launch, development, and financing of technology businesses. Prior to Spinnaker Venture Partners he took two companies from concept to significant revenues. He has raised over $100 million of venture capital for early-stage companies from Charles River Ventures, Bessemer Ventures, Norwest, Zero Stage Capital and others.

Andrea Ridi

Chief Commercial Officer

Throughout his career, Andrea brings experience from positions ranging from academic research to American finance, always with a strong link to high-tech startups. This helped him to drive value within complex processes that can create new business models. Andrea is able to create a clear vision of the value that data can create and how to increase the impact by combining data with AI. He deeply believes in the concept of serving leadership, and his career has demonstrated his ability to build high-performance teams from scratch.