Penrose spearheads tech summit

Global leaders in the technology field will convene in Bermuda next month for the third annual International Technology Summit.

The March 7 to11 event is spearheaded by Penrose Partners, a Canadian and Bermudian blockchain advisory firm.

The summit, which will feature both virtual and in-person attendees, will be hosted in partnership with the Bermuda Government and the Consulate General of Canada in New York, and is co-organised by Blockchain Triangle and Bermuda Asset Management.

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Headline sponsors of the event include Algorand, a world-leading blockchain protocol working with national governments, and 3iQ Corp, a Canadian investment manager that launched the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin investment fund.

Organisers said the summit will bring together innovators, regulators and executives from Canada, the United States and around the world to explore the latest breakthroughs in blockchain, enabled by Bermuda’s digital asset regulations.

In a statement, organisers said attendees will join Penrose in discussing the advancements of the island’s fintech ecosystem and the work being done to accomplish the digital currency vision for the island.

The event will also celebrate the successful licensing of new digital asset businesses and the kickoff of the second cohort of start-ups in the Innofund Innovation Incubator (i3).

A key component of the summit is the headline conference on March 9, which will consist of panel discussions covering topics that include crypto & DeFi (decentralised finance), the state of stablecoins and CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), digital asset custody and sustainable innovation.The opening presentation will be a conversation between leaders of the governments of Bermuda and Canada in discussing the progress their administrations have made in technology and innovation.

The keynote presentation will be a conversation between Algorand CEO Steve Kokinos and 3iQ chairman & CEO Fred Pye, where they will share their upcoming plans for enabling sustainable digital asset adoption.The summit will also include a start-up pitch contest on March 11, with opportunities for promising entrepreneurs to win conditional entry into the i3 Incubator, along with other prizes.

The week will also feature a fintech education day on March 8 hosted in partnership with the Government’s Economic Development Department on a variety of digital asset and blockchain topics to prepare audience members for the conference on the following day.

Other featured speakers will include Garrick Hileman, head of research at; Justin Newton, CEO of Netki; Alex McDougall, president and COO of Stablecorp; and Bermuda technology leader Kevin Richards, of Bermuda Asset Management.

Additional sponsors of the event include Clarien Bank, Vesto, Canada SailGP, Transform Group, Knox Custody, Innofund, Renno and Co and the Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies and Assets.Penrose said it invites technologists, futurists and investors of all ages and from around the world to join the conference to discuss the benefits of web3 technologies — not just for businesses and governments globally — but for our overall social, economic and environmental sustainability