About us

Bermuda Asset Management (BAM) is the first independent asset management company in Bermuda, founded in 1987 by Bob Richards. The company is now run as a family office by Kevin Richards, providing investment and tech advisory services. BAM is committed to the acceleration and growth of technology-driven, innovative companies by deploying human and financial capital to build and scale sustainable digital ecosystems.

Core Initiatives

Island SDG Impact Fund:

a tokenized SDG impact fund focused on island nations, driving investment towards a circular economy focused on energy, food and health


Investment Platforms:

partnered with Alpha Innovations launching Bermuda-based funds for international clients in both FIAT and digital assets; and Blockchain Triangle, working on sustainable linked bond issuance


BAM Tech Advisors:

a technology advisory business with partnerships in blockchain technology, compliance as a service, data science, artificial intelligence and cloud computing

Directors & Officers

  • Bob Richards, Chairman
  • Pauline Richards, Finance Director
  • Kevin Richards, Managing Director

Advisory Board